Radio Free Cunning Little Vixen

South Bohemian Theatre Ballet in České Budějovice

20. 10. 2021

Mahen Theatre
1 h 50 mins

Content advisory: This production contains simulated gunshots.


Dance theatre

Follow us into the world of fantasy where the dancers will transform words into movement and where you will forget your everyday worries. In this new dance production by Peter Zuska and Štěpán Benyovszký, the Cunning little Vixen is searching for the real understanding of a life cycle, where everyone falls at least once “madly in love“. The story of an untameable Vixen by Rudolf Těsnohlídek is narrated by the remarkable voice of Karel Höger and performed by the South Bohemian Theatre Ballet.


Creative team:

Libretto adaptation and Direction: Petr Zuska, Štěpán Benyovszký
Choreography: Petr Zuska
Costumes: Pavel Knolle
Light Design: Daniel Tesař
Music Direction: Zbyněk Perla
Assistant Choreographer: Béla Kéri Nagy
Stage Manager: Michaela Freudenschussová

A non-traditional rendering of the well-known lyrical and humorous story about an untamable, cunning vixen, based on the movement theatre and the voice of Karel Höger, who narrated the original story by Rudolf Těsnohlídek. Let’s transport back in time, to the recording studio of the 1960s, in which, thanks to the authentic narration, unexpected scenes of the vixen’s comical and serious adventures take place. During the radio broadcasting and movement narration, the cunning little vixen slowly rises above the everyday necessities of her own survival, compares the world of men with that of animals, and looks for the real understanding of the life circle, in which everyone “falls madly in love” once in his or her life.